Pompano Is A Hot Catch And Tasty Dinner

Pompano catches have increased exponentially the past week or so in the surf. Even on structure in the Delaware Bay. From Broadkill Beach to Assateague we are seeing a lot of pompano catches. The farther south they seem to be bigger fish, but more larger ones are showing up along the northern beaches of Delaware. The average size is about seven inches and still perfect for the table. Delaware doesn’t have any creel limits on pompano take all you want.

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Pompano caught by John Darwicki, this has been the average sizes and perfect to eat.

I filet the larger ones, you just need a really good knife.” Josh Levan. He has been getting some larger pompano surf fishing at Assateague Island National Seashore park. Which by the way is now open to the state line. The nesting turtles are done. Hopefully for the year.

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Fishbites formulas recommended for pompano and other small fish in the surf.

Anglers are using Fishbites; shrimp, sand flea, bloodworms, or electric chicken crab and other crab flavor formulas.
Fresh raw shrimp is a great bait, salted is preferred it stays on the hook better. We have a recipe from Michelle Trotter, The secret bait for catching pompano in the surf.

The Pompano Princess, star wars, pompano
Laura “Pompano Princess’ Foerster
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Laura “Pompano Princess” Foerster has been getting pomps daily in the surf. “We will grill them out there or take them home and make an even better meal.”
“Laura Foerster on cooking Pompano “Extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper, salt, butter, chopped garlic, lemon, and you can throw some white wine in there, but why? The meat is sweet enough but I’m gonna do this on the next catch w prosciutto…. see how that goes! So good “

pompano, delaware, cooking pompano, sussex county, delaware surf fishing,
Pompano fresh out of the oven ready for the fixins’ … Laura Foerster

Grilling pompano at the beach is easy. Just gut the fish, clean it out good and score the sides in a crisscross pattern. Then grill in aluminum foil for easy handling. Peel the skin and eat. You can flavor with pepper, old bay, or any preferred spics and cook in butter or olive oil.

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The girls eating their pompano at the beach
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Pompano Andrew Kassner caught and grilled.

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