The Petition To Take Away Access From Surf Anglers

  I forgot to include this petition that is online and active right now.  The Beach Coalition wants to take access away from surf anglers to have a better beach experience for their renters, owners and guests, all 14,000 of them.  Never mind the public can not actually or easily access these areas.  I was told today that the public can access that area and dropping people off to walk into their accesses along route 1 was fine.  Which isn’t even legal or safe.   Yet I was also told that these communities are private property and we are not allowed in there.  So how are people who get dropped off along the highway supposed to walk to the beach through private property, or a gated community?  Where are they supposed to park?   Where are the facilities for the public to use?   

The Beach Coalition’s petition

I had a long conversation today with the Coalition … I got a call.   

Apparently they are not pleased that there are trucks “dominating” the beaches.  The trucks are dominating the surf fishing beaches, where they are supposed to be, what are the odds.  Seriously, it is a surf fishing beach, always has been.  They also want more beach access in other parks for the public.  Meaning there would be even less beach access for surf anglers.  Never mind that the limited parking in parks only allows for so many people to actually get to the walk on beach.  Their answer was we need more parking lots.  This is how they are fighting “for” the public.  We will get you more access in other parks so you don’t have to come to ours.  That is how I interpreted that statement.   Building a new or bigger parking lot in protected dunes practically takes an act of God via DNREC.  Pretty sure then we would definitely hear from the Sierra Club and Audubon Society.   

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I was asked numerous times if I supported fake fishing.  I said … “You will never get rid of fake fishing and everyone knows that, even with serious or severe enforcement.  People will always find a way to go out there.  I get that it can be a pain in the ass, but it is what it is.  I don’t like it, but I can not do anything about it, no one can.”   Nothing like talking to a lawyer who is trying to twist your words.    

   The meeting on Thursday has nothing to do with the coalition’s request for this restricted access.  I honestly don’t think the parks should even consider this until a new meeting is created with a public forum for this specific request.  Thursday is about limited surf tag numbers and increased fees.  Not restricting access to certain areas of specific beaches for one group of users.   By the way I have no issues with limited tag numbers or raising the fees.  It will really cost  only $55 in state to drive on a beach, the park pass is $35 annually anyway.   If you go to Martha’s Vineyard it costs $500 to drive on all of their beaches for four different permits.  We have the cheapest drive on beaches with the least amount of rules, appreciate what you have. 

As far as the economic impact if we lost 14,000 renters.  As far as I can tell it would be minimal.  This area is crowded big time in the summer.  Would we miss 14,000 people,  nope, not even a little bit.  And saying the values of their houses will go down.  Oh please, you have beach front property.  The only way the value would go down is if we petition the State of Delaware to take away those special accesses they have, which isn’t a bad idea either.  Then they can learn to fake fish and park in front of their houses.. 

Fish On!
Rich King 


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