Pending Delaware State Record Cobia

We have seen a lot of cobia catches over the past several weeks from the Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel area to a couple of miles in front of the Delaware Beaches.  This past weekend John Burbage landed this 79.4 lb cobia not too far off shore in front of a Delaware Beach.  He and his son Jack caught a few quality cobia that day, but this beast tipped the scales to become the new pending Delaware State Record.  John was fishing alone in his skiff and Jack and his buddies were in another boat so they could cover more territory.


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Jack Burbage with one of the cobia they hooked up over the weekend.

Until recently Delaware did not have a cobia state record category.  It was added last year and the required minimum qualifying weight to establish Delaware’s first state record for a Cobia is 45 pounds.   John Burbage spanked that requirement by 34.4 pounds.  The other “cobies” he and Jack caught would also probably qualify for the record.  There is also a live release award for cobia now as well, that is based on length and not weight.

Congratulations John and we look forward to hearing your story soon.  He is busy fielding phone calls about his catch, while trying to work.  As it stands this is the current pending state record and it was caught in Delaware waters.  I’m just not mentioning exactly where.  It will take a beast of a cobia to beat this one.

Fish On!

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Rich King

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Jack Burbage sitting on the deck of the boat with a cobia they got the other day. photo From John Burbage

Cobia citation and minimum weight requirements.   

Live Release Award
Adult: 48 inches minimum
Youth (age 15 and under): 42 inches minimum

Sport Fishing Tournament Award
Adult: 45 pounds minimum
Youth (age 15 and under): 33.5 pounds minimum

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