Paradise Marina’s Second Annual Bay Flounder Tournament

Check given to the Boys and Girls Club of Oak Orchard held by Scott

Yesterday was the Paradise Marina’s second annual Bay Flounder tournament. Two Hundred and seventy-four anglers fished for first place worth five thousand dollars. Anglers showed up at the marina to sign in at seven in the morning. Five dollars of every entry fee was donated to the Boys and Girls club in Oak Orchard. The tournament raised one thousand three hundred and sixty-five dollars. That should help the Boys and Girls club out with some of their needs. The tournament boundaries were the Rehoboth and Indian River bays and no one was allowed beyond the Charles W Cullen bridge.

paradise marina bay flounder tournament,al tortela, delaware, sussex county, waterfront dining,
Al Tortella owner at Paradise and the MC for the day.

The scales opened at four in the afternoon. All lines had to be out of the water by five and the scales closed at six that evening. The first flounder weighed in were in the two-pound range and in no time we had a full board, and the ladies were dominating the tournament. As more boats came in a lot of fish were brought to the scales. When a fish scored and took a place on the board the crowd would go nuts and cheer. It is always fun to be at the weigh ins for a tournament. The Flounder Pounder Open in August will be even more exciting. This bay tournament was a warm up for that event.

winning flounder, delaware, sussex county,
Nathan Mitchell and his winning flounder

Nathan Mitchel came to the table with a cooler on his shoulders. I kept thinking he must have a lot of fish in there or some really big ones. Each angler can only enter one fish, so he had to choose the fish he wanted to enter. When he emptied the cooler on the table this beast of a flounder was pulled out last. It measured twenty-five inches and topped the scales at six pounds, two ounces. The crowd went nuts, this was the biggest flounder yet and the day wasn’t over.

The next group to the table had a few nice flounder and one respectable sized weakfish for what we see these days. At that point all I wanted to know was where did you get the weakfish, good to see that size fish is in the inland bays.

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Scott our master of weights and measures.

There was fifteen minutes until the scales would close, Jerry Petrucci put his flounder on the table. It measured twenty-two and a half inches ad weighed in at four pounds and five ounces. Jerry went nuts, he knew he just nailed second place. Next up was his buddy Luke Horney, his fish measured out at twenty-one and three-quarters of an inch, topping the scales at three pounds eight ounces. He had to beat three pounds four ounces, a number all anglers were trying to hit for two hours. The whole crew went nuts, all anglers were in and the scales would close in five minutes. We had our winners.

 2017 winners of the Paradise Marina Bay Flounder Tournament, delaware, sussex county, long neck
The 2017 winners of the Paradise Marina Bay Flounder Tournament … Jerry Petrucci, Nathan Mitchell, and Luke Horney

There was an awards ceremony with some really big checks not just in money but size and some beautiful trophies. The check and trophy for Nathan Mitchell was so big I couldn’t get the whole thing in the frame of a picture. Luke and Jerry’s crew hosed the stage down with champagne.  Great day at the second annual Paradise Marina Bay Flounder Tournament. Up next the 2017 Flounder Pounder Open in August with a top prize of one hundred thousand dollars at Paradise Marina.  See you there!

Fish On!

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