Ocean City Pier Is Demolished

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OCMD fishing pier … Robert Banach

The Ocean City fishing pier took a beating today and is gone, only the building at the entrance remains.  Rob Banach took the picture you see and there is some video from Fishin OC.  I have no idea how our own pier has held up in Cape Henlopen, technically they need to remove the top deck so maybe that helped?  Doubt it.  There is still 2 high tides to worry about and the water that has flooded inland is not going anywhere.  If you are in an area that is getting bad, get out now, it is only going to get worse.  The breach in Dewey will be an issue during the next 2 high tides as well, so far the rest of the dune lines have held.  Rehoboth Beach’s dunes took a beating and water made it onto the boardwalk.  Expect that to get worse as well.  The wind is picking up.  The buoy 44009 off shore is averaging 25 foot waves, the largest was 27.9 an hour ago.  The rain is turning back into snow.  Biggest problem tonight aside form the flooding is water freezing again as well as roads.  Be safe Everyone.  We have a rough twenty four hours ahead of us at least.

Big thanks to everyone sending in videos and pictures.  This would not be possible without all of you.  Thank you, and stay safe!

Rich King



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