Flooding Is Getting Bad Will Go To Worse

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Air boat south bowers, delaware, sussex county, blizzard 2016
Air boat south bowers .. Jason Harvey
delaware city, blizzard 2016,
Snow in Delaware City .. Jim Davis

High tide has hit the inland bay communities and people are seeing water as bad as the floods in 1998.  South Bowers has an air boat on scene evacuating people.  The National Guard is at the firehouse in Oak Orchard, evacuating people Water is up to the mailboxes in some of the lower areas.  The pier took a  pounding and lost several sections it appears  Many people are stuck in areas and can’t get out due to surrounding flood waters.  Now here is the bad part, the flooding will be worse on the next high tide cycle tonight.  Most likely it will be bad on during tomorrow’s high tide cycle as well.  If you can get out do so now, this is only going to get worse.  The beach in Dewey was breached earlier from waves, and the southside beach dunes are eroded a good 10 feet from the access pier in Delaware Seashore State Park.

air boat, rescue, south bowers beach, delaware, sussex county, blizzard 2016
air boat bowers beach … Jason Harvey
oak orchard, blizzard 2016, delaware, sussex county
National Guard in Oak Orchard .. Jennifer Murphy

This is far from over, the water is coming in so fast due to the high winds everyone is having a hard time keeping up with any updates.  We will keep you posted as much as possible.  The mobile office is at the ready if need be later.  Power outages are occurring all over the state.  the north is buried in snow above their knees with huge drifts, and we are flooded to the gills.  I’m watching shingles fly off my house.

Rich King

IRI tide chart … 

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Pier in Oak Orchard … 

Dune Breach in Dewey Beach … 

Southside DSSP waves, you can see the old coast guard tower is being exposed

Indian River Inlet this morning … 



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