Dune Breached At Faithful Steward This Morning


Rehoboth Beach at 7 PM
Rehoboth Beach at 7 PM

Well it was only a matter of time.  We showed the breach in Dewey Beach on Beach Ave, then the breach at Slaughter Beach and South Bowers Beach.  These all happened about the same time today, at high tide.  Clark Evans from Old Inlet Bait and Tackle got up with me earlier today and said “At 10 AM this morning the dune breached at the drive on for Faithful Steward Crossing (Savages Ditch).  It looked like a river snaking down the dune.” The water came up and across the dune at the crossover, it also coated the dunes with a lot of water.  the wind did a good job eroding the dune face as well.  There is not a huge amount of sand on route 1 but I am sure a close eye is being kept on it.  Tonight’s tide being the full moon lunar tide will be bigger than this morning’s tide are the predictions.  So far the tide height has been close to the storms (nor’easters) of 1992 and 1998, Jonas topped out at 9.2 feet this morning.  The back bays are flooding worse than people have seen since Superstorm Sandy.  Tonight is going to be “more badder” if the predictions hold true, but the wind is dying back a bit but not enough, winds today were gusting 60 mph.  Wave heights today at Buoy 44009 topped out over 27 feet at 10:30 AM and stayed steady all day, right now the waves are 27.2 feet at 12 seconds.  That buoy is far off the coast, 27 foot waves are not hitting the beach, which took a pounding and will continue to do so the next 2 high tides.

Faithful Steward crossing,breach, delaware, sussexcounty, route 1, blizzard of 2016, noreaster damage
Breach at Faithful Steward Crossing …Photo by Stew McGee

An excerpt from the Town of Dewey Beach website … “Of the 19 worst recorded storms to hit the Delaware coast in the last century, seven of them occurred in the 1990’s, and 80% of these coastal storms were nor’easters. This is also the decade in which more than half of the thirty highest tides since 1936 were recorded at Breakwater Harbor (Delaware Bay). On January 4, 1992, the coast was hit by a Nor’easter that produced 9.02 foot tide, the second highest tide ever recorded in Delaware. In Dewey Beach, most of the dunes were washed away and there was severe flooding and property damage. Once again, the ocean met the bay. It happened again in 1998, when another Nor’easter on January 28th produced a tide of 8.95 feet. One week later, on February 5, 1998, another severe northeaster pounded Delaware’s coast with tides of 8.76 feet. The cumulative effect of two severe northeast storms hitting the coast within one week was devastating to the beaches and dunes, resulting in flooding, overwash and property damage in Dewey Beach. ”  


Breach at Faithful Steward Crossing, looking at route 1 ...Photo by Stew McGee
Breach at Faithful Steward Crossing, looking at route 1 …Photo by Stew McGee

It has been a long day keeping everyone updated and we are not out of the woods yet.  Be safe and be smart.  If you are in a low lying area in the back bays and it is bad now or before, then get out now, the back bays will see high tide around 10 PM, and it will last longer than normal.  The winds have stacked a lot of water in the bays and holding it there.  No way the water can drain that much.  Please stay away from roads and let first responders, DELDOT, and lineman do their jobs.  Huge thanks to all of those folks they have done one hell of a job today helping people and are still in the process.  Many people lost a lot of belongings today, it has been a rough day across the board.  Lets all be thankful it is just another historical storm that we get to tell our grandkids about.  You can’t fight mother nature but you don’t need to give her the opportunity to get the best of you.  Stay safe everyone, thank you.  We will be back early in the morning with more updates and throughout the night if necessary.  I need a beer!

Rich King

Indian River Inlet Tides …  High tide tonight is at 8:30

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Breach at Faihful Steward panorama ... photo by Stew McGee






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Breach at Faithful Steward Crossing looking up dune face from route 1 …Photo by Stew McGee

Breach at Faithful Steward Crossing looking form top of dune at ocean ...Photo by Stew McGee

Breach at Faithful Steward Crossing looking form top of dune at ocean …Photo by Stew McGee

old inlet bait andtackle, blizzard 2016, delaware, sussex county, noreaster, jonas, route 1
Old Inlet Bait and Tackle … photo by Stew McGee
Old Inlet Bait and Tackle ... photo by Stew McGee
Old Inlet Bait and Tackle … photo by Stew McGee

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