Oak Orchard Prepares For Flooding

Update as of 2:45 PM (since I wrote this) … tide is coming back in fast and hard.  Water almost washing to dune base in Rehoboth.  Expect flooding around the inland bays in …

rosedale beach, delaware, sussex county, riverdale, oak orchard, indian irver bay, inland bay, coastal flooding,
Rosedale Beach boat ramp at high tide this morning.

Well this is a lot of fun, the wind is ridiculous.  Now that all of this water has been pushed up against the coast flooding will be an issue on the next high tide. When I walked back up the dune crossover at keybox, I could have jumped in the air and  flew into the parking lot.  The wind is steady around forty plus miles per hour with fifty mile per hour gusts.  Every news channel is in our area except Jim Cantore, which is probably a good thing.  The inland bay communities are preparing for flood waters this evening.  Deldot has been out putting up road closed barriers.  Long Neck road flooded up to the shoulder at the slough at White House beach near Malone’s.

chiefs road, riverdale, river road, coastal flooding, oak orchard,delaware, sussex county
Chiefs road in Riverdale flooded immediately today and it always does.

It is possible water will come across Long Neck road on the next high tide.  We are definitely going to see some minor flooding in low lying areas.  The water level around the inland bays is about the height of a normal high tide at low tide.  When high tide comes back in at seven thirtyish tonight (5:15 Pm at the Inlet) it is going to flood the normal spots on the roads, so be prepared for that.  The end of chiefs road flooded immediately this morning, but it always floods there.  Deldot was putting up road closed signs in the usual spots.  Pot Nets communities have water coming up through the storm drains as usual.  Tomorrow morning’s high tide could be a small issue, but not as bad as this evening.  That all depends on how much water is allowed to drain out of the bays against the winds.

long neck road, coastal flooding,delaware, sussex county, noreaster 2017,
Long Neck road at the White house beach slough next to Mariner’s cove at high tide

I don’t think we will see any dune breaches like we did last year.  Water is to the dune base in the parks, Fenwick Island, and Bethany beach.  Rehoboth and Dewey beaches are doing fine, but have definitely lost some sand, we have a pool going on how much they will lose.  You have to guess in the millions of dollars.  Water is washing to the “dune’s” base but not too bad.  I use the word dune lightly since they are really just a man made pile of sand, pushed up against the boardwalk.  Man made dunes do not hold up against storms as well as naturally made dunes.  Literally last year to the day we had a nor’easter that breached about five places along the coast.  Faithful steward crossing was one and Beach ave at Indian Beach near Dewey beach.  That is the breach Mitch King filmed and he almost was washed into the bay.  We still want to see that video, he won’t show it to us.


bethany beach, delaware, sussex county, delaware, coastal flooding, noreaster 2017
Bethany Beach this morning around 10 AM

I ran around this morning and it is a typical nor’easter with heavy steady winds and seriously angry seas.  Rosedale beach in Riverdale, the state boat ramp everyone calls Gull Point was flooded over the bulkheads and into the parking lot.  all of the docks were under water.  I will venture out before the evening to see how the water looks.  We are very lucky this is not occurring during a full moon or a king tide. Beach combing will probably be really good on Wednesday and the rest of the week as the beach sand is shifted around even more.  Go at low tide it is the best time.

Fish On!

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