There Are No Fish In The Ocean

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   We fished the point yesterday, and conquest the day before, and 3Rs the day before that, and then we …  well you get the idea.  The joke as of late has been,  “there are no fish in the ocean”.  Saying this helps us justify why we are not catching.  Except all these dogfish, there are a lot of them and some days they aren’t even around.  


We fished calm days

 To put it into perspective for someone who doesn’t surf fish.  You are standing on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.  A gigantic body of water that stretches beyond your ability to see and for some comprehend.  You have a ten foot fishing rod, with a lure or some form of bait you are about to drown.  Then you cast, and hope that within this endless body of water, a fish will swim by and hammer your offering.

   We cast, We wait. We Hope. 

In a nutshell that is what surf fishing is like, you cast, wait, and hope.  With a little luck and skills hopefully you picked a spot that will hold fish today, otherwise it will seem like, there are no fish in the ocean.  The perfect cut doesn’t always hold fish.  The beauty of this time of year is you can move around and look for fish.  Been on the beach ten times and have seen seven vehicles this week.  It is nice out there when you are all by your lonesome. 


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looking for bass in Masseys Ditch

 Fishing has been slow for the most part this fall season.  Guys are picking away at bass from the 8’s to Sea Colony and that action is random as random can get.  You have to find fish and then hope you get them to bite.  The short bass action has been fun but slowed down a bit, and they are moving around a lot. 

   I think today will be a good day, just like we hoped for the last several days.  If you want to catch these fish you have to be out there fishing for them, by the time you hear about the action somewhere it has already moved along. Today’s conditions are very similar to the day Ben Smith caught the state record.

Sea bass and tautog action has been decent for the boats.  Lot of white perch around.  It is winter fishing and all we want is the fall bass action.  Unfortunately with the way the fish stocks have been depleting, our joke of there are no fish in the ocean feels more like a prediction.

Fish On!

Rich King 




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