Great Perspective Of The Lower Delaware Bay

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    The angle of this picture really lets you put into perspective just how much water moves through the mouth of the bay.  It is a bottle neck, that is why the currents are so bad around the point and Cape May.  Robin Tyler “You can learn a lot at 30,000 feet,  I was flying from BWI to Providence, RI on Tuesday. Delaware Bay at about 9:15 a.m. Cape May jutting out from the left toward center, Cape Henlopen from the right. I think the plane was approximately over the C&D Canal as the Bombay Hook area is visible in the bottom of the photo on the Delaware side. ” 

That fast moving water creates some great rips and shoals to fish.  Finding them is the easy part and but learning how to fish them as the current shifts throughout the day is a skill.  The Lewes Charter captains know these areas very well, and can put people on fish.  


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Delaware Bay at the ferry wall March 3rd 2018 ,,, photo by Mike Ridings
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Setting a drift in this fast moving water that changes constantly takes a certain skill set.  One buddy of mine that fishes the bay a lot likes to try and fish areas of the mouth at slack tide.  “It is a little nuts but you have about a thirty minute window at the most.  Holding bottom or keeping the boat in place after that is next to impossible.  That is one way to catch big flounder and striped bass, but you have to make that window and even that is sketchy.” 

    The Delaware can come rough real quick with pop up storms.  Despite how calm she can look, it can get really nautical out there fast  The pilot ship captains get on and off those freighters in high, rough seas.  That is not something I want to try.  If you want to experience the bay and how rough it can get take a ride on the ferry in a nor’easter, it’s an interesting trip we have done many times for fun.

Fish On!

Rich King 


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