Monster Wels Catfish Caught, Is It A Record?


wels catfish, world record, catfsih, DIno Ferrari
Dino Ferrari with his 280 pound wels catfish
Po River, wells catfish
280 pound wels catfish caught by Dino Ferrari in the Po River
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A whopping 280 pound wels catfish was caught by Dino Ferrari in Italy’s Po Delta in the Po River last week.  The wels catfish averages 6.5 feet but this one measured 8.7 feet long.  These are the second largest fish in that region, just behind the Belluga Sturgeon.   The largest beluga sturgeon on record is reportedly 3,463 pounds.  The current weight record for a wells catfish is 300 pounds but according to the Daily Mirror this may be a world record for a wels catfish caught with rod and reel.  These fish have a ferocious appetite and will eat anything they come across.  This one looks big enough to eat the angler that caught him.  After posing for a few pictures the catfish was released by Dino back into the Po river.  Since it was released it will be difficult to confirm this record, Dino has been catching these large cats for along time and this is definitely a personal best.   Dino Ferrari said that the fish took an artificial bait on the surface and then fought the fish for 40 minutes from a boat.  We have issues here in Delaware with blue channel catfish as an invasive species.  Could you imagine hooking into one of these on the Delaware River, in a kayak?  What does this have to do with fishing in Delaware?  Absolutely nothing, but I am snowed in, bored (procrastinating), and thought I would share this whopper of a fish story.  I also really, really, really, want to go fishing right about now.  Spring can’t  get here fast enough!

Fish On!!

Rich King



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