Some Local Marinas Are Requiring Boat Removal

A few of my friends work for companies that pull boats.  They are so booked up they are working late into the night if it is safe.  Scott Jost “Dude I watched a guy walk off the side of a flooded pier today.  He fell in and went right under the pier from the current.  He was walking in a foot of water or more that was over the pier.  Tell people to get scheduled, we are pulling over a 100 boats a day.  A marina down here (Long Neck) just made it mandatory to get your boat out.   Call you marina to find out if they are requiring removal they are emailing and calling customers.”

    Boats left in marinas during storm conditions will strain the ropes, the piers they are attached to, and if they break loose will damage the pier and other boats.  Some insurance companies require you to remove your boat during storm conditions.  

If you are pulling your boat yourself.  Keep in mind we are still having higher than normal tides.  Marinas are flooding over bulkheads in some areas.  Just keep an eye on it at high tide.  You might want to get this done by or before Friday

Check your bilge pumps and batteries.  A weak battery and a constant running bilge pump will fail and your boat will sink.  Tow Boat US has done 5 recoveries the last two days of sunk boats from failed bilge pumps.  If you are going to leave your boat in the water, double up your ropes, use a spring line system, and keep a constant eye on it and the water levels.

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