Jet Ski Found On The Beach


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Jet Skier trying to get back on his ski .. Photo from J Dillon

Yesterday a jet skier fell off his ski in the Indian River Inlet.  He was pulled from the water by people watching this scene.  The ambulance came and took him to check his injuries.  Apparently he lost power and was pulled into the outflowing current of the inlet.  After a few attempts to get back on his ski he was pushed


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Jet Skier trying to get back on his ski .. Photo from J Dillon

His ski went out to sea and was found this morning washed onto the northbeach of Delaware Seashore State park.  This man is lucky to be alive.  It is all fine and dandy to go out in this weather and play, but if you are not experienced with this inlet you should leave it alone.   I do not know this guy’s experience, but I do know that some of my friends who have a lot of experience would never do this.  Had these people not helped this guy he would have been swept out to sea.  The currents in the inlet will spit you a quarter-mile out into the ocean in no time.

Then you will be pushed into the rough seas of the shoals just off the beach in front of the southside  and 3Rs beaches.  Maybe you will make it to the beach, maybe you be recovered alive by the coast guard.  Putting other’s lives at risk to help you is not a smart move.  The people who helped this guy, some were barefoot.  They could have easily fallen into the inlet, without a floatation device.  People have fallen off those rocks or hit by a rogue wave while fishing, never to be seen again.  Be safe and be smart during this next round of bad weather, waves, and flooding.

Fish On!

Rich King 

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