Lion’s Mane Jellyfish Along The Delaware Beaches

Identifying Jellyfish is easy when you know what to look for

Delaware’s Aquaman is at it again, this time shooting Jellyfish. Merton Briggs got some killer shots of a Lion’s Mane jellyfish the past couple weeks.
No he didn’t jump in for these shots. The Go Pro on a selfie stick abided from a kayak. Last time someone jumped in the Indian River bay near a jellyfish they were wearing it. A Lion’s Mane is not something you want to wear, or get a face wrap. My buddy did both that day. We did offer to pee on it, because how often do you get to pee on your friend’s face and we look out for our people.

Lion’s Mane is the shape of the jellyfish. That is how Jellyfish are identified, the shape. Here is a handy guide for Identifying Jellyfish from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

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Lion’s Mane Jellyfish … Merton Briggs

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