Letter From Anglers About Seismic Testing


Don't Drill Our Coast ... Say No To Seismic Testing
Don’t Drill Our Coast … Say No To Seismic Testing

ATTENTION ALL ANGLERS …  You have seen the seismic testing articles on this website and hopefully the video presentation by Matt Heim.  If not just search for seismic testing in the search box below the header picture on the right hand side of the website.  I am posting a letter below for everyone to sign to give you chance to speak out against seismic testing.  The letter is self explanatory.  What some anglers do not realize and need to know.  The supply of oil and gas being sought off the Atlantic coast is less than an 8 month supply of oil and a 22 month supply of gas, or less than 2% of our estimated national supply.  Also these oil rigs will not be rigs like in the gulf that provide structure, they will be anchored floating cities held in place by large engines.  Comparing the two areas is apples and oranges.  This letter was prepared by Oceana.org to send to Governors …  Jack Markell of Delaware, Larry Hogan of Maryland, and Terry McAuliffe of Virginia.

And on the federal level to …
President Barack Obama
Secretary Sally Jewell, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Director Abigail Ross Hopper, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Secretary Kathryn Sullivan, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
Assistant Administrator Eileen Sobeck, National Marine Fisheries Service

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Please fill this out and share it with anyone you know that would be interested in this issue which will affect the entire east coast fishery.

Thank You

Rich King

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