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Delaware’s outdoors is a real treasure, in the new forum you can share your experiences with others,  find useful information, or ask questions … photo by Dave Silveira.

We now have a forum on the website and it covers a variety of subjects.  For three years I have been asked to do this and I just didn’t have the time to work on a forum, until now.  The new forum has many outdoor subjects, hence the name Delaware Surf Fishing Outdoors and More.  We get asked a variety of non fishing related questions and this forum will help as an area to put up those questions and answers.  We have a simple set of rules …. “The rules are simple … act simple and you are simply removed. Do not cuss, berate, or hate on others. This forum is for information, learning, sharing, meeting, and entertainment. We have a lot of kids that read the website so keep that in mind when posting. We do not tolerate posturing or berating of others. If you go all drama mama on someone or play keyboard cowboy you will be permanently booted. Thank You!”   Those are the rules they are simple and easy to follow, if you don’t like a thread or what someone is saying leave it be and move on.  If someone harasses you just let the moderators know we will take care of the issue.  This is just like any social media sight you can block people form seeing your posts or you seeing theirs.


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To interact on a forum just hit the post reply button to join a conversation

The other reason for the Delaware Surf Fishing Outdoors and More forum is for all the people that do not use Facebook and other social media.  We have 28,000 Facebook followers, but the website over the last year starting January 1st 2015 to December 6th was used by 308,000 unique readers with 910,000 page views and 6o7,00 sessions.  Those are real people not “bots” and such, that number is in the millions.  Since so many use the site but do not use social media we felt it was time to launch a forum and to cover a wider variety of subjects to help the outdoors community as much as possible.  For example it is difficult to find information on scuba diving in Delaware, now there is a place for that information and for divers to interact and meet up for trips.   We have a Hunting section, Photography, Birding etc etc etc.  If you would like to see a section please let us know.  We will be happy to add that for you.  We also have a section for nonprofits to add their organization and announce events and news, so we can help as many as possible.  Basically this forum will work like a social media site within the website for everyone to use.  I have heard complaints before that we put more on Facebook than the website, this forum will fix that issue.  You can build your account with avatars (pictures), it is also recommended to use an alias, but the moderators know who is who.  That choice is yours how you set up your account.  If you want to just read posts you can do that without being a registered member.  We want everyone to be able to use the forum.  We just prefer people who want to interact to register so we can monitor the forum better.   When you try to post if you are not registered you will be asked to do so.


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Delaware Surf Fishing Outdoors and More forum,
Once registered click on a section or topic and you will see the new topic button to post a new topic

Using the forum is easy, just register and you will immediately be able to post and interact with others.  Again, please follow the rules.  If you have any issues just email us at and we will use a bigger hammer on the server. It took a couple of months to find the right program and tweak it for ease of use.  We are still working on a few things and will upgrade as needed.  Huge thanks to Techno Goober for making this happen.  If you have any issues please let us know, some browsers are being difficult at times.  Articles will be cross posted in appropriate forums for discussion as well.  We are working on a photo gallery for people to upload pictures.  We hope everyone enjoys the new Delaware Surf Fishing Outdoors and More forum and finds it helpful,informative, and entertaining.   Thank you all for following Delaware Surf Fishing and we hope this will be a great tool for your enjoyment of Delaware’s great outdoors.

Fish On!

Rich King

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