Last Day For Public Comment About Offshore Drilling In The Atlantic

Don’t Drill Our Coast … Say No To Seismic Testing

Today is the last day to put in your public comments about offshore drilling in the Atlantic ocean and the eastern seaboard.  This is a bad idea for fishermen.  Not only could these rigs be right in the middle of the canyons, but a spill would be detrimental to our ecosystem.   Seismic testing alone will alter migratory patterns of all of the fish we try to catch.  These will be floating rigs held in place by engines, not derricks attached to the ocean floor, not the structure many anglers think will be out there.

Below is the information from Oceana.  My advice for public comments is simple, be concise, precise and most of all be nice!  Angry comments do not go very far and turn off the reader.


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Oil rig on Fire
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Matt Heim, Oceana … Hi folks, today is the last day to comment on the Trump Administration’s offshore drilling plans. It only takes a couple minutes to comment. If you don’t want to see oil rigs off our coast, please take a minute to submit comments before midnight TONIGHT. You can submit comments via the instructions below.

How to Submit Comments:

1. Go to 
2. In the search tab on the main page, search for BOEM-2017-0074.
3. Locate the document, then click the “Submit a Comment” link either on the Search Results page or the Document Details page. This will display the Web comment form.
4. Enter the submitter information and type the comment on the Web form. Attach any additional files (up to 10MB).
5. After typing the comment, click the “Preview Comment” link to review. Once satisfied with the comment, click the “Submit” button to send the comment.

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