Cargo Containers Washing Up On Beaches

During the storm a week ago, the “westeaster”, or bomb cyclone.  A container ship off the coast of North Carolina lost seventy cargo containers.

Now they are washing up on beaches south of us, but you never know where these will show up.  Also mariners (boaters) should be careful since many of these will float just under the surface and are very dangerous for boats.  Hitting one of these would be catastrophic for a boat or ship.

Apparently a few hundred or more containers fall off container ships each.

One of these containers was reported to be full of sulfuric acid.

Maybe we will see a few wash up on A Delaware beach. Especially with next week’s heavy storm out of the south. One of Rehoboth’s lifeguard stands made it all the way down to North Carolina weeks after several were tossed into the water a couple of years ago, so you never know. Press release is below from the USCG newsroom.

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70 stray cargo containers pose threat to mariners off North Carolina

PORTSMOUTH, Va.— The Coast Guard is warning mariners of navigation hazards after about 70 cargo containers fell off of a cargo ship Saturday night, about 17 miles off Oregon Inlet, North Carolina.

The cargo ship Maersk Shanghai contacted watchstanders at Sector North Carolina’s command center via VHF-FM marine radio channel 16, notifying them that they lost approximately 70 to 73 cargo containers due to high winds and heavy seas.

The Coast Guard urges all mariners to transit this area with caution.

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