Killing It With Cocktails On Spoons


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Louise with a nice cocktail blue

The cocktail or summer snapper bluefish action has been great in Cape Henlopen especially at the point.  There have been a lot of bluefish schools all over bait fish.  They are easy to hook up on spoons, especially the bayside of the point, where the water is calmer.

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The ocean beaches have some good action as well but it is easier to use mullet rigs or cut mullet on top and bottom rigs.  Spoons and other metals will work as well, just harder to control in the waves.  using a spoon in heavy wave action is fun, but takes some getting used to.  If you let the spoon lose its path or flutter, that helps get a fish to hit.  Think of it like a peanut bunker flashing sideways.  The spoon mimics those flashes, and by changing the rhythm of the retrieve, the spoon’s flutter also makes it appear like a hurt or wounded fish, easy prey for a predator.  Changing the spoon’s path helps mimic that sideways flash.


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Cocktail blues on ultralight gear is a blast with 2 ounce spoons.

You can make a spoon flutter and “limp” by either a small jigging action or just stop reeling constantly and it will appear to have a limp in its “swim”.  Using a combination of both makes for some serious attraction.  All metals can be worked different ways,silver stingers you just reel those in they look like a bait fish moving fast in the water.  A spoon gives more of the flutter action of slower swimming bait fish.  

Fish On!

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