You Instagram Girls Need To Stop

Not long ago a friend tagged me in a post of a girl sitting on the edge of the Charles W Cullen bridge (The Indian River Inlet Bridge).  She was posing and taking selfies.  Now we all like to take our craziest or favorite selfie once in a while, even made a game of sorts out of it online.  Anyone read about the bikini hiker that died taking a selfie?

Charles W Cullen Bridge in Delaware Seashore State Park. DSSP, indian river inlet, north side campground
Charles W Cullen Bridge in Delaware Seashore State Park

This girl sitting on the bridge put herself in a very dangerous spot to take a selfie.  Not to mention all it takes is someone to fall off the bridge and then we can’t walk over it anymore.  I say them because three days after that happened, I was driving across the bridge and for some reason that scene popped into my head.  I said out loud “no one is stupid enough to do that again, right?”  As I cross the bridge I look over and the woman in the picture is posing for pictures on the other side of the rail.  Above the rocks not the water.  

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    I don’t think it would matter where you fell, on the rocks or into the water.  If you fall into the water you’re going to get sucked into the fast current.  On an outgoing tide you will get  a nice ride into the Atlantic ocean.  If you hit  the rocks you might bounce into the water.  Either way you’re probably going to die, do not do this please.  We like walking over the bridge.   Yes, there are stories of people jumping off the bridge into the water back in the day for fun.  We all get that it can be fun, falling into that water or onto the rock wall would not be fun.  One good gust of wind, or slipping on the sandy concrete and bye bye birdie.  

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