I Like Big Bass And I Cannot Lie


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Caption and Photo from Lewes Harbor Marina … Storm Ockels landed this lunker linesider while trolling a white tandem rig off Cape May. The 48 1/4 inch bass had a massive 30 inch girth, giving it a weight of 51.9 pounds! It’s just two ounces shy of Ben Smith’s 52 pound State Record, taken in 2012.

When the migration hits, it really hits hard.  The fishing has been off the hook, if you are in a boat and if you find the schools.  Scott Jost showed me a video he and Jeff Weaver took yesterday of a blitz, it was wild looking.  Justin Pry said at one point the water around their boat just boiled for an hour and then the fish moved.  The Maryland boys were hammering bass a half mile in front of the beach in Ocean City and farther out near the EEZ line.   Brian Mack was on the crew to sink the  Shearwater at the Del-Jersey Land Reef site and said there were albies and blues all over the place for hours, banging into the side of the boats.  The sea bass fishing has been awesome with some huge knotheads hitting the docks at Lewes Harbor Marina.  The bluefish action is hot when everyone was sea bass fishing, big gator blues, the yellow eyed devil.  Bass fever is running rampant through the fishing community.  You can’t find an eel in Sussex county.  People are filling the boats, but not all, there is the occasional skunk.  For all of the big bass that are being kept, ten times as many are being thrown back due to Delaware’s slot limit and that is a good thing.  One big breeder will produce millions of eggs every year.

trigger, delaware reef sites, sussex county
Boots pulled the trigger at the reef site yesterday.

Triggers are being caught at the reef sites while sea bass fishing.  Off shore action is great and the boat anglers are having a blast.  Joe Morris at Lewes Harbor marina has been up to his eyeballs in fish the past few days.  The other day the action slowed for one day and then yesterday he was knee deep in thirty to fifty pound striped bass.


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Now for the surf … crickets.  Seriously it is quiet aside from the dogfish and skate action.   Yesterday I heard a guy caught a 41 inch striped bass at conquest the other day and paid the price in fines when he kept it, I have yet to confirm that information.  Make sure you measure your fish properly.  Beach Plum and Broadkill has been decent short bass action.  I just talked to Dan at Dan’s Tackle Box and we both figure it is time to go crappie fishing with ultralights for some fun action.  That has picked up, it might be time to hang up the big guns and grab the freshwater gear.

Sundial from the surf yesterday .. photo by Ben Smith
Sundial from the surf yesterday .. photo by Ben Smith

You won’t catch unless you get out there, but so far the surf is not looking good for any migratory bass schools, but you never know.  The trials and tribulations of fishing.  There are still fish up and down the Jersey coast.  I met up with Ben Smith and his crew yesterday they had twenty two rods set up, and came up donuts on striped bass but they did manage a nice sundail flounder and the obligatory skates.  There have been days we can’t even catch a skate.  Regardless, today and the last couple of days have been beautiful on the beach, though fish would be a bonus.  Big thanks to Jim Davis, I gave him a lesson in beach driving and reading the beach yesterday, he gave me a fly rod.  I cannot wait to get out and use that today.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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