Record Temperatures in Delaware

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Renee Bumgarner … Dec 13th … When the fish aren’t biting you do the next best thing and build a sandman. The bottle and glasses were found on the beach.

The last few days have been unseasonably warm for Delaware and most of the country. Many people took advantage of the warm weather and hit the beaches.  The water was calm and glassy for the boaters.  Today was a beautiful day, what did you do to enjoy summer in December?  We didn’t set an overall record for December but possibly a daily temperature.  The warmest day in December recorded  in Lewes was in 1998 and it was 77 degrees.  The coldest day in December was-12 degrees in 1942 recorded in Bridgeville.  The hottest day ever in Delawre was recorded in Millsboro in 1930 it was 110 degrees, and the coldest day ever also recorded in Millsboro in 1893 was -17 degrees.   Today was the warmest yet it seems and the temperature hit 70 degrees and felt warmer in many places inland.  It is possible a few areas set a daily temperature record.  The rest of the week will be warm as well, but not in the seventies after the rain tomorrow.  We will cool back down by the weekend.

Fish On!

Rich King

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Delaware Extreme Temperatures from Infoplease

Month Maximum
Year Place Minimum
Year Place
Jan. 78 1950 Lewes –17 1893 Millsboro
Feb. 86 1999 Lewes –15 1979 Middletown
March 91 1948 Millsboro 1 1984 Middletown
April 99 1896 Millsboro 11 1923 Wilmington
May 100 1925 Frederick* 25 1947 Bridgeville
June 104 1984 Middletown 34 1897 Kirkwood
July 110 1930 Millsboro 41 1988 Newark University Farm
Aug. 107 1918 Wilmington 41 1952 Millsboro
Sept. 102 1912 Millsboro 31 1947 Newark
Oct. 97 1941 Bridgeville 19 1969 Milford*
Nov. 88 1950 Lewes 8 1938 Milford
Dec. 77 1998 Lewes* –12 1942 Bridgeville
*Also on earlier dates at the same time or other places.

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