Dewey Beach says NO!


Dewey Beach Life Saving Station
Dewey Beach Life Saving Station

We attended the Dewey Beach town council meeting yesterday at the Life Saving Station.  It was a beautiful day and everyone would have rather been fishing, but this was important.  A resolution against seismic testing was on the agenda.  After a motion was made to vote on the resolution, public comments were asked for by the Dewey Beach Town Council.  First, Commissioner Mike Dunmeyer had a few things to say.  He emailed a survey to seven hundred residents of Dewy Beach and received a hundred and fifty-six responses with comments about conservation, habitat, economic concerns and the environment.  122 people were against seismic testing and 22 were for it, that is about 4 to 1 against.   Then we all spoke during the public comment period.   Matt Heim of the Assateague Coastal Trust talked about the issues associated with seismic testing, Joanna Cabry of Sussex County Progressives thanked the council for taking the time to consider this issue, and I talked about the possible economic impacts on our fishing community.  After some deliberation and great points made by the commissioners, Dewey Beach voted unanimously against seismic testing.   That is the second Delaware coastal town to say no to seismic testing, Lewes was the first town.  They join a group of over ninety east coast communities all saying no to seismic testing.  This grassroots movement is making progress and I am very proud to be a part of it.  We need cleaner water and to protect our oceans better, not destroy them with more industry.


Dewey Beach town council
The Dewey Beach town council …. Mayor Dianne Hanson (center) and Commissioners Dale Cooke, Courtney Riordan,  Mike Dunmyer, and Gary Mauler
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If you would like t0  know more about the issues of seismic testing you can watch the video presentation by Matt Heim of the Assateague Coastal Trust.  Oceana has a great section on their website on the subject.  You can even see all of the information on BOEM’s website.  Bottom line is seismic testing will be detrimental to the habitats of many Atlantic creatures.  The jobs created by drilling for oil and gas will be imported from the gulf states.  We also recently learned all of this will run out of Norfolk, Virginia.  Delaware will receive zero benefits from off shore oil, and the supply out there is less than a years worth anyway.  It doesn’t even make sense to drill for that little of a supply.  In other words the benefits do not outweigh the possibility of spills, or the damages from seismic testing.   Big thanks to  Mayor Hanson and Commissioners Mike Dunmyer,  Dale Cooke, Gary Mauler and Courtney Riordan and the town of Dewey Beach for taking a stand against seismic testing.  The resolution is below.

Fish On!!

Rich King

Dewey Beach town council resolution
Resolution of the Town of Dewey Beach in opposition to seismic testing and offshore drilling activities along the Atlantic coast

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