Hey Ocean City … It Is Crab Larvae Not Sea Lice

The picture is for attention, so you hopefully read this.  Unless you have been living under a rock, the media has blown this “sea lice” thing out of proportion.  I have yet to see anything besides pictures of crab larvae (megalops) on the internet from bathers complaining about itching etc.  Everyone is assuming sea lice, but that is not the case.

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Sponge crab caught in the surf in Delaware

There are literally thousands upon thousands of female sponge crabs in the surf. We have been catching them while surf fishing for weeks.  Sponge crabs are female blue crabs that have an orange “sponge” on their abdomens.  This sponge is full of eggs, and they have been hatching like gang busters.  There are literally billions upon billions of these larvae in the water.  This is nothing new it has been happening since blue crabs existed.

Every time there is another hatching or release you will have these issues and they are isolated

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Someone with the scientific background (University of Delaware Lewes Campus) needs to go sample the water so they can actually see if there are those tiny jellyfish in the water, known as “sea lice” down south.  It would be the responsible thing to do instead of blowing it up on the media.  Our water right now is not warm enough for them to appear/grow.  Also this is NOT related to the Florida red tide.

Also on a side note there was a water advisory at Fenwick the other day, people who are hypersensitive to these larvae pinches and water conditions will experience these affects even more.

Fish On!
Rich King

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