Help Me Find My Home I Don’t Want To Live In A Cage

This box turtle needs our help and so does the Nature Center in Cape Henlopen State Park.  This is a PSA from Kathleen LaForce, Park Naturalist at Cape Henlopen State Park …  “DO NOT TAKE TURTLES FROM WHERE YOU FOUND THEM.  Today a park visitor brought this young box turtle to the nature center and left it with a park maintenance member as we were not open yet. He left no record of where the turtle was found and as a result, this poor creature is now condemned to life in captivity.  

Box turtles have an incredible internal compass and will spend their entire lives (over 100 years) within 2-10 acres of where they hatched. When removed from their home (even at great distance) they will spend the rest of their lives attempting to return to their home territory.

Box turtle left at the Nature Center today .. photo from Kathleen LaForce.

Instead of living out her life in her proper habit with acres of space, she will now have to be kept in an enclosure potentially far away from her home, forever trying to get back. The stress will shorten her lifespan.”

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If you happen to know the person who dropped of this box turtle or if you are the person who dropped it by the center.  Please contact the nature center so they can get an idea where it came from so they (Kathleen) can return it to the area it lives.  Thank You!

Kathleen does one heck of a job at the Nature Center and on the Cape Water Taxi tours.  She has a serious passion for the outdoors and it reflects in not only her work but her efforts like this one.  Kudos to her for caring like she does and the awareness she creates.

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