Have You Recieved One Of These Cards


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This is the size of a business card … Welcome to Delaware

The other day a buddy of mine was at Beach Plum Island State park walking and working his dogs.  He has been coming here all of his life.  His was the only vehicle in the parking lot and this nice little card was left on the windshield.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say this person doesn’t like fishermen, or people.  This happened on Monday, in the winter, in the middle of the day, and he was the only vehicle in the parking lot.  You have to have way too much time on your hands to even come up with something like this.  Last year some were put on vehicles at the Cape Henlopen State Park fishing pier.  These are being put on out of state cars, big surprise, and are the size of a business card.  So if you get one on your vehicle, contact park enforcement (302) 739-4580 they are aware of the situation.  By the way it is illegal or against the rules to distribute materials like this in Delaware State Parks.  I would also consider this littering as well, but that is just me.

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State of Delaware ….. 18.1 In order to maintain the recreational nature of State Parks as a haven for the public from the rigors of work and the commercial environment, and to promote the State’s interest in its concessions and sales to the public, no commercial advertising by the distribution or posting of printed matter, other than by the State or its concessionaires, shall be permitted in State Parks.
18.2 Public meetings, assemblies, gatherings, demonstrations and/or the distribution or posting of printed matter are permitted on lands administered by the Division provided that a permit or approval to do so has been issued by the Director of state parks.

Fish on and on and on and on!

Rich King

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