Harbor Seal At Courseys Pond Spillway


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Juvenile Harbor Seal at Courseys Pond Spillway ,, photo submitted by Jason Daniels

This is something you don’t see every day.   We get seals here every year in Delaware, but usually they are in the Delaware bay, around the walls, ice breakers, jetties, and the inland bays. For the last couple of years we have a had several show up and hangout at Masseys Landing.  A couple of weeks ago a seal was spotted at Courseys pond spillway, feeding heavily on the fish there.  This is the headwaters for the Murderkill river.  That seal traveled a good ten miles up the river to get to the spillway.  Most likely it was following fish and that is how it got there, this is a juvenile seal.  If it isn’t at the spillway it will swim downstream, coincidentally when MERR shows up to check on it.

MERR asked us to remind everyone that you have to stay a hundred and fifty feet away from a seal.  Do not approach them or try to interact with them.  Yes, they look like a cute puppy.  They do not act like cute puppies, this is not Sea World.  If you happen to be in the area keep the rules in mind.  MERR volunteers will be on site for any information or questions.  Once these sightings hit social media MERR usually gets volunteers on scene so the seal is not disturbed.  Best description I saw on one page was when someone asked if that was a seal.  The response was priceless.  “Freshwater pond pig.  Unheard of to see in Delaware … Robin Adino”  

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