Happy Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Report


bluefish, david eastburn, delawar, sussex county, cape henlopen state park
Dave Eastburn with 2 of the gators from today

Bluefish blitzed the beach today at Cape Henlopen.   Always love that phone call,  “hey man get down here the fish are hammering the surf.”  I’m stuck doing other stuff I can’t just drop.  The boys cleaned up on some nice big blues.  That is how the action has been,1 random here and there and you have too be there when it happens.  The pier has seen some random blue fish action.  Summer snapper blues are up and down the beaches hitting mullet rigs.   The Indian River bay and Inlet has big gator blues around.  The boats are doing better for the blues.  The striped bass action for the shore anglers has been decent at night,  but they are a lot of throw backs in the slot size range.  People are gaffing fish that are not keepers, make sure you know what you have before you gaff the fish.  Striped bass keeper action in the surf is random but happening using bunker chunks.  Even a couple caught at Broadkill Beach.

Bloodworms are producing puffers, short stripers, spotted hake,  and kingfish in the surf hitting top and bottom rigs.  The skate, ray, and dogfish action has been nonstop, but that is par for the course.  Jay Little was out the other day with a netter and they filled a box up with weakfish (state unicorn), croaker, blues, and kingfish.   A nice mixed box of summer fish out of the Delaware Bay near Bowers Beach.  I would look for all four of those to hit bloodworms, or cut bait when they move into the surf.  Kingfish are hitting around the Indian River and Rehoboth bays.  These are mostly northern kingfish, but a few southern ones have been caught.  The northern kingfish have the dark camo pattern,the southern kings have a mother or pearl coloring and no pattern.

Tautog are hitting at the Oceanic pier on green crabs or sand fleas.  Anglers there have seen some decent blues action and short striped bass.  Some keeper bass around the bridges.  Big drum are still around the Delaware Bay hitting clam at the coral beds.  Some are being hit from the surf on the incoming tide.  Gar action in the Nanticoke is heating up and some fellas I know are having fun bow fishing

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Check out The Lead Pot on Saturday for their grand opening.

Everyone have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.  Yes, traffic sucks, so slow it down you will get there.  Remember why this holiday exists and remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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