Hammerheads in the Indian River bay

Sunset, fenwick Island
Sunset at Fenwick Island … photo by Dave Dixon

Yes, you read that correctly, Monday night a hammerhead was caught in the Indian River Bay.  I know exactly where, not going to burn that spot.  No we do not have a picture, these boys do not fish with cameras, ever.  They have a angling problem that can only be cured by more fishing.  If he said he caught a 50 pound loch ness monster, I would believe.  The only reason I can tell you about this catch is the entire fishing community locally has heard.  Otherwise no one would ever know, that is how these boys roll.  Dusky and Black Tips have been caught in huge numbers there also.  They did catch another hammerhead 2 weeks ago in the same area, from land.  I do wish we had a picture, but like a few of my friends, they hate pictures of their catches, some people are like that.   They were reluctant telling me, because they know where that information is going next.  There will be no exact location or names, I promised, and I keep them.  Nice catch boys, most impressive.

It has been raining off and on all day.  That 30% chance was blown out of the water (pun intended) by torrential down pours and lightning.   I want to be a weatherperson, what other job can you screw up 60% of the time, still get a pay check, and an “atta boy!”, besides politicians.  Despite the rain today, many people were fishing Massey’s Landing from the rail and pier, a few die hards went out in boats.  Bill Petry and his crew caught a 20 inch bluefish before they were hit with the rains, at the Indian River Inlet, in a boat.  They had one hit that snapped a rod, then broke the line.  Alan and the boys were at the rail, and pulled in a flounder, two small blues and a 16” striper.  It is still raining, so no fishing tonight, the Sandbar Tavern will have to abide me and the boys.

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