Croakers are getting bigger, keeper flounder in the surf


croaker, delaware seashore state park, fenwick island, bethany beach, delaware surf fishing
Mike Givens of the band Monkee Paw caught this croaker in the surf today

Mike Givens of the band Monkee Paw was surf fishing this morning, and came up with croaker after croaker, on green fish bites.  He was surf fishing somewhere in Delaware Seashore State park.  Friends at 3r’s drive on access this morning, produced croakers and bluefish on mullet rigs.  While I was there at the top of the incoming tide a neighbor caught a fat croaker.  On a mullet rig with cut bait, just enough to fit over the hook.  They are getting bigger, and in larger numbers, the croakers not the anglers.  I did see one shark caught and released correctly, I was happy about that.  I am supposed to meet some folks out there tomorrow for a little filming.  The water was nice today, it will get a little windier as this storm passes.  Rough seas are called for tomorrow.  I am supposed to go out front and fish, but that may have to wait.  The Inlet was hot today for bluefish, mostly near the bridge, on the incoming tide.  I saw a flounder caught on a bucktail with a white worm.  Some ladies were down there tearing up fish, and then packed it in when the bite slowed down.  There were a lot of boats out there today I expect that number to triple tomorrow.  I can not even imagine the number next weekend.  A friend of mine saw a cobia surface in a large school of baitfish, they thought at first it was a baby porpoise.  Stranger things have happened.

flounder, indian river inlet, delaware seashore state park
Flounder from the Indian River Inlet caught from the rail.
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Flounder are showing up in the surf at keeper sizes.  Everyone is catching a lot of shorties, mostly in the normal places, and deeper water.  Keepers are popping up everywhere on minnows and gulp chartreuse 4 inch curly tail.  I have been catching them mostly in shallow water.  Tim is fishing the ditch at Massey’s right now in his boat, and sending me pictures of flounder, croaker, and small sea bass.  He said a porpoise was cruising the ditch, and wanted me to come down with my camera.  Unfortunately I am at Rick’s Bait & Tackle promoting our Raffle for the Bays until 10 p.m., then it is off to the Sandbar Tavern, to promote.  Sheepshead, tautog, and puppy drum have turned back on at Massey’s Landing.  Clam and Fishbites bloodworm alternative red, have been the bait of choice.  Some small blues chased my spoons across the ditch, yesterday.  Last night I dropped by, and the water was alive under the lights, but nothing was biting.  The blues were too busy chasing all the baitfish.  The boys lit up flounder, and blues last night at the inlet too, I am sure tonight will be the same.  Would love to join you boys, but duty calls, and I have to work on promoting the raffle.  Someone help Alan break in his new rod.  Get your tickets gang!

Fish On!!

Rich King

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