Got Mullet?

 It is party town USA at the Pier in the flats and Lewes Beach.  Mullet are all over the flats, being pushed up by flounder and bluefish.  This morning on flat calm water was quite the spectacle.  Hundreds of mullet and baitfish pushing up at one time, porpoising along the top of the water to escape predators.  You would see huge nervous spots start up in the water and then erupt in fleeing porpoising bait fish. Makes it easier to throw a net at them when you know where they are headed. 

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Mullet on the run porpoising across the water’s surface

By porpoising I mean, the mullet jump out of the water and either skip along the top of the surface to avoid being eaten, or keep jumping rapidly.  There were spearing or bay anchovies doing the same in a few spots.  Lot of activity in that water.  There are a couple of places to find flats or shallows full of mullet.  The creeks and tidal rivers have mullet too, but the flats make for easy pickings if the water is calm.  Morning and evening are the best times.

The shallow area around the Cape Henlopen Fishing pier is known as the “flats”.  The Rehoboth bay access areas along route 1 below Dewey beach in Delaware Seashore State Park are also called the flats.  There you can wade acres of shallows and look for mullet schools, clams and crabs.  Get an inner tube or pool noodle to hold up a bucket and drag it along with you like a crab or clam basket.  A large floating bait keeper if you will.  You can catch mullet along the rock walls of the Indian River Inlet but you better have some serious cast net skills.  The surf is always a good place to look, try on the bayside of the point, and the ocean beaches.    

For all you War On The Shore anglers most stores are loaded up for the weekend with fresh mullet.  Call ahead of time to make sure some will hold your order for you.  Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle is loaded daily, and empties fast.  I would start stockpiling the next couple of days, despite the weather you should still be able to find mullet in the flats and shallows.  Sand fleas are still thick in the surf and legal to dig for during a tournament.  

Fish On!

Rich King 

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