Bull Red Drum In Bethany Beach

Just when you start asking if anyone has caught or tried to catch a bull red from the surf near Ocean City, this happens.  Matt Miller posted a picture to the DSF group page yesterday of one of the three bull reds he got in the surf in Bethany Beach.   


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Matt Miller with one of the three bull red drum he caught in the surf off Bethany Beach

We all know the drum come into Assateague, but they have to show up in our waters, if even a little bit.  We are right next door and the conditions are the same.  We catch juvenile and slot sized red drum all fall into winter along the beaches and back bays.  There have been a few big reds gotten over the years near the walls in the Delaware bay.  

   These guys kayaked out bait like for shark fishing and weren’t targeting reds, but just fishing.  I’m guessing these bulls are off the beaches on the farther sad bars eating kingfish, spot, and crabs.  

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Matt Miller … “Little unconventional and I wish I could say it was all finesse. Been successful using similar strategy to kayaking baits out for shark. 250 yards with cut bait. Ended up catching a total of 3 Wednesday and Thursday. Wish I could say it was all skill.   It was a thrilling fight and glad we were able to safely release her to swim another day.”    

That is a great catch Matt congrats!

Fish On!

Rich King 


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