When You Get Skunked But There Is An Airshow

Happy Thanksgiving!! …  Have a great day, be safe out there it is cold!  We spent over three hours on the outgoing tide yesterday all over Cape Henlopen.  The ocean was flat calm, like a lake.  I think the biggest wave we saw was eighteen inches, tops.  We were tossing plugs, spoons, white plastics, green plastics, and sand eel flies on AVA jigs.  Nothing was chewing.  Three days ago that was the best tide and time to fish.  There was a nice keeper striped bass caught near the point a few days ago.  Now everyone wants to fish the point, fish have tails they are moving, so they will be anywhere.   You know the saying, you should have been here yesterday, it changed to hours from now.


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Kevin Golden Jr at an Undisclosed location.

Of course about five or six hours after we left the beach, Kevin sends a few pictures of striped bass they got off naval crossing area.   Fish are out here chasing herring and hitting pretty good was the report.  Of course we were a tad busy then with Fall Fish Bowl packets, or we would have gone back out.    

All of the lower ocean beaches are seeing random schooling bass action.  The Indian River inlet has decent action for the boats and shore anglers.  There is sea lice on many of the bass being caught in and around the inlet, which is a great sign there are migratory bass in the area.   These are the newer bass joining the migration which are probably from north of Delaware.  Just a guess, I don’t have their itinerary.   

We saw a few people soaking bunker chunks for big bass.  Some came up donuts others caught skate and dogfish.   


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Talons out legs down coming in for the pick up or kill
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At least we saw a cool air show yesterday, while we were getting skunked.  A gull landed on the water in front  of us, and dropped onto a fish.  I don’t know if the fish was discarded bait or if the gull caught it.  Doesn’t matter it didn’t last too long.  There were four juvenile bald eagles in the area playing and diving on each other while hunting for fish.  We had been watching them for about a half hour.  One of them spotted that gull, trying to get that fish lined up to swallow.  The fish was fighting back a bit and making that difficult.  The gull was making quite the show of it too. 

    The eagle swoops around and starts to drop in fast, talons out, and legs down.  Careening back and forth like a skydiver trying to hit the mark, flying in control but erratic.  The gull looks up, takes three hard flaps and vacates the area immediately.  The gull or the fish would make a good meal for the eagle, and I doubt it cared which.  The gull however made that decision for the eagle and left the fish behind. 


May The Fish Be With You, delaware surf fishing, t shirt, surf fishing tournament
May The Fish Be With You

The eagle changed his angle of decent and veered off the water, but did a double take at the water.  It was going for the gull the whole time, then it noticed the fish.  The eagle spun back around, dropped down, and scooped up the fish the gull left behind.  Something tells me had the fish not been left there, that eagle would have tracked that gull for lunch instead.  Now that would have been some epic pictures, but these will have to do.  Enjoy the holiday weekend, don’t go crazy shopping for black Friday but if you do get a May The Fish Be With You shirt, makes a great gift.  

Fish On! 

Rich King  

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