Despite The Cold You Should Be Fishing

   It doesn’t take much to get these striped bass moving and feeding.  This cold snap is definitely making that happen.  The main migration is still way up north but there are fish on the move.  If you are not out there you could easily miss fish just swimming by Delaware.  The water temperatures are perfect.


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Mike Burkett with a fat short bass caught at Pot Nets

Sea lice are all over the fish being caught at the Indian River inlet.  There are some keepers here and there and the incoming tide seems to be the best action.  Outgoing tide is best action at the point.   The fish covered in sea lice have been in the ocean, they are migrating.  These fish don’t all move together they move in large schools.  Some of the larger fish tend to move on their own.  Big Bass are being caught off the coast of Jersey at Sea Isle.

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The inland bays are hot and heavy for short bass action you just have to find them.  Structure like the jetties at Pot Nets and Paradise Grill.  You need to get out and fish so you don’t miss anything.  

Fish On!

Rich King 

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