Gasoline Spill in Long Neck


DNREC, emergency response team, 1-800-662-8802., report a spill to DNREC, long neck rd, delaware, sussex county, white house beach slough
Drums full of contaminated mud collected by the Emergency Response team
emergency response team, long neck rd, dnrec, report spills, sussex county, 1-800-662-8802.
Area the gas was poured, the white lines are marking the section that needs to be removed.

In case everyone is wondering what DNREC’s Emergency Prevention and Response Section (EPRS)  is doing on Long Neck rd.  There was a gas spill, and by spill I mean to say, someone poured gas into the slough area that is near the condos and Mariners Cove.  A resident that picks up trash daily  along that area noticed the smell when they were collecting trash this morning.  They discovered gas had been poured onto the ground next to the water.  If this were a spill there would be evidence on the asphalt of the road and there is not.

white house beach slough, gas spill, dnrec, emergency response team, report spills
The slough near the sign for White House Beach
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So these folks called DNREC’s Emergency Prevention and Response Section (EPRS)  after realizing they did not have enough containers to hold the mud they were trying to remove to get the gas off the ground.  EPRS responded and filled up two 55 gallon drums with mud and are now waiting for a contractor to come scoop out the rest of the contaminated mud and remove the other full drums.  If you need to call  a spill into the Emergency Response team you can call 24 hours a day at  1-800-662-8802.   If you have hazardous liquids etc to be disposed of you can also contact them at that number.  DO NOT DUMP IT IN OUR WATERWAYS OR GROUND!!!  The EPRS team handles the following emergencies …

  • residential heating oil tank releases;
  • small mercury spills;
  • oil tanker spills in Delaware waters;
  • indoor air quality;
  • chemical railcar leaks;
  • abandonment of unidentified chemical drums;
  • leaking underground storage tanks (commercial and residential); and
  • chemical, petroleum, biological and radiological incidents in any media (air, land, surface and ground water).

Please take care of our environment, it is the only one we have.  If you have any information about this particular incident please contact the emergency number 1-800-662-8802.  I am sure they would like to find the person(s) responsible for this.

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