Seal Rescued by MERR


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Seal on Faithful Steward Beach … photo by Stefan Talabisco … shot with a zoom lens don’t get excited

A seal was on the beach yesterday and the day before, it was not doing well.  It had a bad flipper and bad cough.  I know the cough part sounds weird but that was the description.  The folks at MERR went out to rescue the little guy, but had a hard time trying to catch him so they could treat his flipper.  One buddy of mine was initiated into the “I got pooped on by a seal club” in the process.  They couldn’t catch the seal and eventually the volunteers had to call it quits when the seal didn’t come back on shore.  Later in the evening yesterday it did pop back up on Faithful Steward Crossing.  Stefan Talabisco was on the beach and sent me a message, “I see a seal on the beach what do I do, it doesn’t look like it is doing too well, it has a bad cough?”  The jokester in me told him to give it a Ricola.  I told him to stay away from the seal, it is injured, and I would make a call and get back to him.   I contacted MERR and they went back out and were able to finally catch the same seal they had tired to catch earlier that day.  Now it is at MERR’s location in Lewes and being treated for injuries.  Just wanted to let everyone know that in order to call in a seal, the number is  (302) 228 5029  a text message is the best method so they have the information.  Give them location and conditions, and stay away preferably 150 feet.  Kudos to Stefan for getting in touch and MERR for the rescue.  I think last year we gave out that number about 3 times a week.  Way to keep an eye out everyone good job, keep it up!  The reason to call in these sightings is so they can be cataloged for numbers and to see if the animal is in distress.  It helps MERR keep up with the growing numbers of seals we are seeing in Delaware.

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Yellow Perch .. Rafael Vazquez .. All Species Fishing Tournament
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There are up to six seals hanging out at Masseys Landing the past few days, it is like sea world down there.  They are feeding on bunker and relaxing on the opposite bank.  People can’t get to them so they are fine and MERR is very already aware of them.  It is a great way to take a look at nature in action without getting in the way.  There are eagles that live on the island across the ditch that will swoop in for fish on occasion.  A sea otter can sometimes be spotted floating by eating his meals.  Osprey are everywhere.  Fishing has not picked up down there, but there are fish around so keep on trying.  If you want a guaranteed catch, hit the store, and catch it by the pound.   It is called fishing for a reason, not catching.  Bunker and bloodworms are the best baits.

The surf has been quiet but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  Those gannets were feeding right in the surf last week and striped bass are swimming by to get into the Delaware bay.  So you just never know if they will hit a bait or not unless you try.  They tend to feed less in colder water but the surf is around 45 degrees.  Delaware Bay beaches are heating up the farther you go north, and the boats are doing better in the middle of the upper bay and river.  The netters are seeing more and more striped bass while catching bunker.  Brackish water action has been great for white perch and crappie in Milton and other tidal creeks and rivers.  The ponds are producing bass, pickerel, carp (if present),  bluegill. and perch.  Have fun out there, the season has been getting better and better.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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