The Frying Pan Tower Has A Killer View Of Florence

    Hurricane Florence is going to run right over the aptly named The Frying Pan Tower. “The Frying Pan Tower is a Coast Guard Light Station located 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina that has been turned into a unique adventure bed & breakfast like no other! ”  She is right in the path of Florence and you can check out her web cams both above and below water.   Usually you can see a gorgeous sunrise, but not today.  There are fish in heavy current in her structure below.

Frying Pan Ocean Cam … gives you an a live view of the water conditions on the ocean.   

Frying Pan Shark Cam ..  gives you a view of fish in the structure holding up the tower.  

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It will be really interesting to see if they are in the eye of the hurricane, and still manage to broadcast.  If you haven’t been in the eye of a hurricane it is surreal.  The air goes still and calm, but in the distance you see a wall of clouds and darkness headed towards you.  The sun comes out, birds start chirping, and  you think,  “oh good all is well in the world.”  Then all hell breaks loose, and everything starts blowing in the opposite direction.  I have been in a few eyes, it is terrifyingly exciting. 

Fish On!

Rich King 


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