War On The Shore Update… Fishing Area & Walk In Sign Ups

We are a month away from War On The Shore!!  Sign ups are over the first of October, get in now to get your spot.  This is limited to 300 anglers.  There will not be an extension!  So far we have 105 registered anglers, and people are signing up daily, everyone waits util the last minute.  This will cut off at 300 anglers, no exceptions.  Once we have the final count we can announce the prize amounts.  If we hit 300 anglers it will be $10,000 for first place, get your friends rolling who are on the fence!  You don’t want to miss out on this.

  You can purchase a T-shirt with your registration, the shirt will be with your registration packets.  I will set up at Liquid Board Shop at 11 AM to 6 PM this  Friday and Saturday (Sept 14th and 15th) for walk in sign ups.  Several have asked for that option since some do not trust the internet.  I don’t blame you.  I will also take calcutta monies for the bluefish calcutta, that is $20.  Otherwise the bluefish Calcutta will be collected when you get your registration packets.  We do this so it remains a cash prize, all monies are paid out.   It is simple math, 100 sign up for the calcutta then it is a $2,000 bluefish.  We do not take a percentage of calcutta monies  Not everyone signs up for the calcutta, usually that is the angler that catches the largest bluefish and wishes they had signed up.


cape henlopen state park map, delaware, sussex county
War On The Shore fishing area in Cape Henlopen State park is circled in red

The fishing area is the following and circled in red on the map … From Gordons pond to the walk on beach above Naval crossing.  There will be a sign for each boundary.  That is plenty of room for 300 anglers and their vehicles.  There are temporary drive on permits available.  The state charges $40 for in state and $80 for out-of-state.  I can’t do anything about the price, not my call. If it was it would not be that much.  No you cannot fish the point.

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     The T-shirts will be with your registration packets. They will be available  Oct 8th to the 12th at Liquid Board Shop  11 AM until closing, then until 9 PM at Big Chill Surf Cantina next door.  Get your packets early!! You do not want to fight a line the day of the tournament to get a packet when you should be setting up.  I will be at Herring Point in the lower parking lot on the 13th at 5 AM for those that can’t pick up the week before.   

Bait will be available during the tournament from Lighthouse view bait and tackle.  Dave Beebe is driving the beaches loaded with bait starting about 10 AM.  Load up with what you need prior.  He is doing this for the anglers, so you don’t have to leave the beach when and if you run out of bait.  I think he will be able to take cards, but I would bring cash just in case.

Good luck and have fun!!

RIch King


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