Flounder Pounder Open Day 2


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Daily Calcutta board these pay out every day

The Flounder Pounder 2018 has 300 boats and 2,000 anglers are competing for the $100,000 first place. Yesterday 230 boats went out and competed for the biggest flounder.  Today 266 boats went out, the scales open at 4 PM and anglers have to be on the property or in the marina by 6 PM.  The scales will stay open until the last fish is weighed in.  Yesterday was a calm day at the scales, a lot of fish were caught, but many didn’t get anything that would qualify.  We will see how today goes.

delaware, sussex county, flounder pounder open, largest flounder tournament in the world
First to fifth place on day 1

The largest fish brought to the scales was 8.4 pounds and the smallest so far is 5.7 pounds.  I am sure that will all change today.  The average sizes yesterday were in the range of 26 inches.  There was a big difference in weights for fish of the same size.  Due to how well the fish has been eating, and how long it was out of the water.

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flounder pounder open, long neck, delaware, sussex county
sixth through tenth place day 1

If you are catching fish for a tournament that scores in weight, leave that fish in SALT water until you have it weighed.  It will not lose weight if kept wet in saltwater.  Saltwater is slightly heavier than freshwater.  Osmoregulation will pull saltwater out of a fish when it is in freshwater.  Even though it is still wet, those couple of ounces could mean the difference in winning a hundred thousand dollars.   See you at the scales at 4 PM.  By the way there is a cup prize this year for the largest bar tab for the teams, so if anyone wants help winning that,  buy a brother a beer or ten.  Just sayin!

Fish On!

Rich King

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