Flounder And Bluefish Arriving

Saturday was a good day on the water for a few folks.  The wind was vicious, I’m missing three layers of skin after the sand blasting we got at the beach.  We moved behind the great dune Saturday after Corby tried Herring point and said it was just way too much wind.  We were set up with bloodworms hoping for some short bass, the water was chocolate milk.  The wind stirred up the Delaware Bay something fierce, combined with the stirred up sand the water was very dirty.  It was much better further south in Delaware Seashore State Park and Fenwick Island.  We would have headed that way but the near summer traffic was a deterrent.


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Corby Fulton holding a nagged bunker at Cape Henlopen

Besides the wind, not much was biting, we saw a guy toss back a skate.  The day before I watched two people get snagged on something that dragged them down the beach a half a mile and spooled one guys reel.  Underwater snags moving along the coast can snag a line and not let up until you snap off.  It is really hard to snap braid.  The wind Saturday was tough on the anglers and the fishing.

The bunker moved in yesterday around two in the afternoon.  There was a mile long line headed north towards the point.  We set up with big spoons to get under them and see if anything was feeding.  We also set up to snag a few since that is the freshest way to get bunker.  Corby hit up Port Penn Bait and Tackle on his way down and we had bunker fresh from the nets.  We picked up bloodworms form Dan’s Bait and Tackle  We put out a bunker chunk just in case, because you never know.  We snagged half a dozen huge bunker and didn’t get anything under the schools.

We found a new way to color our soft plastics.
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By the way we snag and dropped the legal way in Delaware.  You have to use single hooks, not treble hooks in Delaware.  You can snag with a treble, but you can’t drop the snag after that to catch a fish following a school.  I use four ounce Kastmaster spoons for that chore.  They have an ample sized single J hook. We also go the entire beach excited because we were reeling in fish.  Bunker don’t hit bait, they are filter feeders.  There is only one way to catch them.  Now I have free crab bait for the pots.

Later in the evening Dave Beebe reported that a small bluefish was caught at the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier.   “I didn’t get a picture but I saw it with my own eyes.”  Where there is one bluefish, there are more they travel in schools.  Today’s weather will change-up the fishing conditions but it should be a decent day to get out and try in the overcast weather, striped bass love it.

Flounder were reported out of Ocean City by Scott Lenox from Fish In OC.  Anglers were getting fish out of the Thorofare.  Anglers were using Chartreuse gulp and minnows.  Some flounder were caught in Canary Creek near the Lewes canal Saturday, but they were throwbacks.  That action has finally started, slow action, but there are flounder here.  A couple of days ago a couple were caught in Wachapreague, VA.   Once that happens there, we see them here within days.  Flounder don’t move up the coast they move in from the ocean and they will go to the back bay areas first, because that is where the food lives.   There is more food in the back bays than the surf and out front right now. That will change as the water warms up.

Fish On!

Rich King


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