Milton Delaware


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Fishing pier in the town of Milton, Delaware on the Broadkill River.

The town of Milton Delaware, located off route 1 on route 16, is at the head waters of the Broadkill River.  Originally formed as the Head of the Broadkiln, it is a historically important town to the shipping industry that was here back in the day.  There are many great shops in the town of Milton on Union street, and some of the oldest buildings in Sussex county.   It is  a small, quaint, quiet town, the kind you read about or see in the movies.  There are many places to fish in and around the town of Milton, both fresh and saltwater.  A day spent fishing in Milton can be enjoyed by the whole family, thanks to the town’s atmosphere, geography, and attractions.  Located just six miles from the Delaware Bay, Broadkill Beach, and Beach Plum Island State Park.

The Broadkill river is fed by Wagamons pond at the spillway, there is a fishing pier on the Broadkill River below the spillway on Mulberry street.  The pier has a small parking lot, and can accommodate several cars.  The pier action is not too bad when the tide is up.  During extreme low tides there is very little water in the river.  Anglers can catch catfish, white perch, yellow perch, bass, striped bass (rockfish), crappie, sunfish, mill roaches (shiners), shad, and carp.   Bloodworms, night crawlers and minnows are the preferred baits for the fishing areas in the town of Milton along the Broadkill river.

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Broadkill River headwaters in Milton as seen for the fishing pier

Accesses to the Broadkill river in town are the pier, a board walk or river walk along the banks.  There is also a small area to fish from the bridge on Union street, and then there is the Milton memorial park which is off Chandler street next to the town library.  The park juts into the river like the inside of a horseshoe or a peninsula. You can fish the river section on one side, from the wooden bridge that crosses the river, or the boat basin on the other side.  There is small state boat ramp in the park located behind the library. and parking for four vehicles with trailers.  The Broadkill is a popular place to kayak due to the easy access at the boat ramp.  Boat traffic is light on the river but make sure you have some kind of flag to let boaters know you are out there.

There is a small marina in the boat basin, and soon Milton is planning on adding a small marina on the side of the Broadkill river opposite the park.  You can take  a boat from Milton all the way to Lewes, it takes about an hour, and is an amazing ecotour.  The Broadkill river gets visited by migratory bass in the lower part of the river near the Roosevelt Inlet and have been known to go up the river to Milton.  Once in a great while large striped bass are caught near the park in Milton.  Those giant snapper blues that have been hitting our shores every year since 2014 have been found halfway up the Broadkill River chasing herring.  There is decent flounder action in the lower river near the Lewes Boat ramp and a little farther in.  Weakfish, speckled trout, bluefish, striped bass, croaker, spot, and flounder are regularly caught in the Broadkill river.  Closer to Milton the fishing switches to freshwater with brackish mixed in.

Milton, delaware, google earth, milton memorial park, sussex county, broadkill river, tidal water fishing, bass, crappie, perch, striped bass, rockfish, mill roaches, shiners
Google Earth image of Milton Memorial park and the Broadkill River

Fresh water fishing in Milton can be done at Wagmons pond, which has state boat ramp.  The action there is good for bass, perch, bluegills, and pickerel.  The Delaware state record large mouth bass was caught in Wagamons pond by Andrew Klein in 2015.  That is the second state record bass to come out of that pond.  You can put in a boat or kayak at the ramp, fish near the ramp from land, or fish from the banks and bridge on Lavinia road.  You can also fish Lavinia pond off Lavinia road, but it is very shallow water.

Just down the road from Wagamons pond on Sand Hill Road is Diamond pond.  This is a bank only fishing area but has decent action.  All the ponds in Milton have seen some pressure over the years but the fishing is still excellent on a good day.  The town in and of itself is a great place to visit.


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