Andrew Klein Bests The Delaware State Largemouth Bass Record


largemouth bass, delaware state record, wagamons pond, milton, delaware, sussex county
Andrew Klein with the new Delaware State Record largemouth bass just before the release

The only thing second to breaking a state record catching a fish is hearing the story after it happened.  I just spoke with Andrew Klein from New Castle, Delaware and you can still hear it in his voice.  The man is excited, ecstatic, and all fired up over the catch of a lifetime.  Today around one thirty this afternoon he hooked into a beast of a largemouth bass at Wagamons pond in Milton, Delaware.  Coincidentally I was pulling out of the parking lot at Goodfellahs at the same time.  I saw the boys out in that boat, and it didn’t hit me until after I talked to Andrew, that they seemed rather excited and moving around in the boat very fast.  All I was thinking when I saw them was I should be fishing today and not cutting up trees that fell from the storm, but enough about that, let’s get to the man of the hour’s story.


Strike King Bleeding Shad White Spinnerbait, milton, delaware, susex county, largemouth bass
Strike King Bleeding Shad White Spinnerbait

Andrew Klein … “It was my first day fishing in a long time, I have a crazy work schedule.  I went with my girlfriend’s dad Joe Lattis.  He has been my mentor bass fishing for a while now, and today he was captain and netter.  He has taught me a great deal about bass fishing, I owe all of that knowledge and experience to him.  When we left the ramp today we joked, maybe we will land a five pounder.  After we caught a few small bass, lost a nice bass, and landed a pound and a half yellow perch we headed back to the boat ramp.  We were probably about a hundred yards away, when something slammed my Strike King Bleeding Shad white spinner bait on the drop.  My rod bent in half and it felt like I had a rock on the end of the line.  The fish immediately went towards the bottom and I had a fight on my hands.  Joe jumped on the net and scooped the fish up once I got it to the boat.  His eyes nearly popped out of his sockets when he saw the size of this fish.  Once the bass was in the boat we both just sat there and looked at each other and said … did that just happen?  We didn’t expect this largemouth bass to be that big.  We weighed the fish on a Mustad scale and it read eleven pounds, twelve ounces.” 


wagamons pond, delaware state record largemouth bass, sussex county, andrew klein, joe lattis
Joe Lattis and Andrew Klein with the new state record largemouth bass

“Joe and I put the fish in  the live well of the boat, Googled the closest shop with certified scales that was open,  and headed to Bill’s Sport Shop on route 1.  Once we got there we weighed and measured the fish and called DNREC Fish and Wildlife.  Bill Baker Sr. let us keep the fish in the bait tank at the store until Sgt. Troy Trimmer of Fish and Wildlife showed up to certify the record.  I wanted to release the fish after we had it certified.  She weighed in officially at eleven pounds and  1.6 ounces, beating the state record by a half pound.  Then we headed back to Wagamons pond and released the largemouth.  After that we dropped the boat into Fleetwood pond in Prime Hook on the way home and did some more fishing.  We still had daylight, may as well burn it up.”

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delaware state record largemouth bass, sussex county
New state record largemouth bass on the scale

Spoken like a true angler!

Andrew said he loves fishing the lower Delaware ponds.  “The fish in Wagamons have the best colors, a nice golden greenish color you don’t often see”.  Ironically Joe Lattis called Goodfellahs yesterday and asked if they could see any ice on the pond.  Joe said “I doubt anyone will break this record any time soon, that fish was a beast.”  I spoke with Sgt. Troy Trimmer “This is the biggest bass I have ever seen and certified.”  Congratulations to Andrew and Joe.  It just goes to show you never know what you will catch and that last cast could be the one stories and memories are made of for a lifetime.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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The paperwork that makes it all official

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