Woodland Beach, Delaware


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Woodland beach map … There are 3 guts along the southern boundary of woodland beach. The first gut is approx., 800 ft, south of where the public can access the beach, The 2nd gut is approx., 1600 ft. from the access point. The 3rd is definitely on private property

Woodland beach is a small Delaware Bay beach community, located off Route 9 at the end of route 6 outside of Smryna, DE.  There is a fishing pier there, small boat ramp on the creek side, and a small craft boat ramp on the bayside.  There is rip-rap along the bank but it is a fish-able beach from land.  Further south of the old boat ramp you can hike along the coast line but only to the 3rd gut, is still state property.  Beyond the third gut is private property.


Fishing in the spring, summer, and fall is decent along the beach and fishing pier.  The water at low tide is not that deep and during blow out tides the shore line can be completely exposed to the old pier and dock poles form back in the day.   There are bait shops along route 9 that you can stop and check out for supplies.  Look on our business directory to find a shop near you

Fish that frequent the area waters ….

Woodland Beach Fishing Pier, delaware, kent county, smyrna, route 6, route 9 fishing
Woodland Beach Fishing Pier

Croaker, catfish, striped bass, bluefish, spot, white perch, dogfish, skates,rays, sharks, occasionally carp, can all be caught at Woodland beach depending on the season.  Crabbing form the pier and shore is decent.  You can use top and bottom surf rigs, and fish the shore line like at the beach.  The fishing pier has excellent structure and can be fished with single hook rigs or top and bottom rigs.  Popular baits are bloodwarms, squid, sand cut bait.  catfish will devour chicken livers.  Skates, rays and sharks will hit all types of cut bait.  Striped bass have been caught on bloodworms or bunker chunks in the spring and fall.  White perch are best on bloodworms and small minnows.  Occasionally flounder might make it this far up but not common.  The marsh creeks near the boat ramp offer great crabbing and striped bass fishing when the season abides.


Woodland Beach, delaware,kent county, fishing pier, delaware Bay, marsh, crabbing,
Woodland Beach is about 8 miles directly east of Smyrna DE

The locals like this area for a good place to fish locally on the Delaware bay.  it is an old community so mind the fact people do live near the parking lot and fishing pier.  Back in the day Woodland beach was a very popular place with amusement rides and bandstands in the early 20’s.  It was known as the “Playground of Kent County”.  Woodland Beach is about 8 miles directly east of Smyrna DE. Take State Route 6 East until you hit the bay.  Fishing at the route 6 bridge on the way into Woodland beach is a decent spot as well. 

In summertime the flies and bugs can be vicious so keep that in mind and take bug spray.  We recommend Gneux More Gnaughthy Gnats.    Woodland Beach is a “carry in – carry out” area. This means you are responsible to take back with you everything you brought with you. This is enforced by DNREC and the state of Delaware.

delaware bay beaches, woodland beach, smyrna, kent county
Woodland Beach at low tide looking south


delaware fishing piers, woodland beach, kent county, smyrna
People fishing the Woodland Beach Fishing Pier

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