Fishing Has Finally Picked Up

This weekend I wouldn’t say it went off, but people have been catching fish and this is just the fringes of the action to come.  From Jersey to Assateague the action has picked up.  First and foremost, trophy striped bass season didn’t start out so well for many anglers.  The catches were low this year for opening day.  Either due to lack of fish in the area or lack of fish in general.  Near the Choptank we heard tell was the best action.  There has been increased action in the Delaware bay from Slaughter beach to the yellow can.  Large breeder bass on the move coming and going.

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From Fenwick Tackle … Alyson Aireys caught this 26” 7.5lb flattie early Sunday evening around the 90 bridge. Water temps still a little chilly but that didnt stop this beauty from biting. Hoping things start to heat up and everyone has a great week.

Short bass action has been good around here if you hit the inland bays and tidal creek areas.  Oyster rocks road area has been good and Canary creek.  The Broadkill is holding a lot of short striped bass and some decent white perch action.  The flounder have picked up in there now.  Jigging for them or using minnows an/or gulp for bait.  The Roosevelt inlet area to Ocean City 90 bridge has all seen some flounder caught.  Saturday at Indian River Inlet, “Irish” got an 18 inch flattie.  Flounder Steve hit a small one at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier. Alyson Aireys caught a 26” … 7.5 pound flattie early Sunday evening around the 90 bridge.  So the flattie action is picking up, we shall see how the sizes inshore are this year.   The 16.5 inch limit at four fish a day is now official. 

Bluefish finally showed up around Assateague Island.  There was a report of some blue fish at Fenwick Island, but by the anyone made it down there everyone came up donuts.  Lot of report chasing, or you snooze you lose.  We can not confirm or deny, but we can confirm that we know a guy, that has a cousin that knows the grandson of the guy who caught the fish.  So it has to be true right?  Either way it doesn’t matter,  the bluefish are now from Assateague to North Carolina, you ain’t missing nothing, yet, there are more fish to come. Any. Day. Now!  Has become a daily saying, for the past many days.  It will break off soon enough.  Or they will go right by us like the striped bass have for years.


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From Port Penn Bait and Tackle … 36″ caught by Mildred Ritter at the yellow can. Thanks for your business and your picture.
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Black drum are in the inland bays, and along the Delaware Bay beaches.  Prime hook saw a fifty pounder landed over the weekend.  Slaughter beach is seeing some good action.  Assateague has seen a few black drum landed in the surf up to fifty pounds.  Clams and sand fleas for bait choices.  Sand fleas are in the surf along the ocean beaches.  We had to dig about a foot in the sand along surf line to get a few fleas.  Large to small are down there you just have to dig.  We found some big live clams on the beach at Beach Plum Island State Park.  Lot of crushed up shells, those big drum are digging during the incoming and high tide.  But Beach Plum has really filled in with sand, it is really shallow at low tide.

After the beach clean up we did a little surf fishing.  Jersey flounder (skate) and a few short bass were caught or seen caught.  Baits were bloodworms, sand fleas, mullet, and bunker chunks, only we didn’t throw was clam.  Chucked spoons for fun here and there.  Didn’t see any bunker.  Lower beaches did a little better in Delaware Seashore State Park. Did I mention skates?

This evening and tomorrow is another day in the surf, then it is time to set up for the Delmarva Outdoors Expo.  See you this weekend it is going to be a great time, we have a lot going on for the whole family.


Fish On!

Rich King

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