Finding Pottery Beach Combing


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Pottery piece found tonight on the beach

I was doing a little fishing tonight and my friend wanted to do some beach combing. Good combination when you fish like we do on an empty beach.  The opportunities are extensive, fish for a bit at a cut and then drive to the next spot.  She moves cut to cut, beach combing.  We travel in the same direction.

“The shells out here today are killer finds”  ..
“Yup, fishing sucks.”

We keep moving down the beach against the tide.  I drive to a spot, she keeps looking for shells.  The stick people haven’t been here either.   I hear off in the distance  “Whoooo Hoooo!”

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Pottery piece found tonight on the beach

“Well, she found something cool, and hopefully not a body part.”  I head down there casting as I go.  “Look at this cool pottery find.”  We will see in time if it is something old, or something new that was made to look old.

Maybe you all can be that judge?

Fish On!

RIch King


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