First Migratory Bass Show up in Delaware Bay


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Chip Graves and Matt Baker’s 16.7 and 15.1 pound striped bass form the Delaware Bay … photo from Lewes Harbor Marina
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Matt Fetters with a short form the surf at Fenwick Island today on bunker chunks.

While we were cleaning the Naval Jetty beach today with Surfrider foundation in Cape Henlopen State Park.  There were a lot of people fishing the surf up and down all the beaches.  I saw a few dogfish pulled in and Matt Fetters hit a nice short striped bass at Fenwick Island.  While we were on the beach, Joe Morris at Lewes Harbor Marina weighed in two striped bass.  Chip Graves and Matt Baker dropped by the shop with the bass they caught on MOJOs trolling near the eights and Overfalls this morning during the incoming (flood) tide.   The fish weighed in at 16.7 and 15.1 pounds and were full of bunker.   Nothing like a good day on the water despite the choppy conditions.  The surf was a bit rough but and waves were rolling in rather fast but m,any people were out trying.  If these fish are moving into the Delaware Bay maybe we will get a shot of them in the surf at the Point in Cape Henlopen or Beach Plum Island state park near Broadkill.  Never know which way the fish will head while following baitfish.  Mostly everyone in the surf it throwing bunker chunks and some are using surf clam and mullet.


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The garbage we collected on the beach today
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The beach clean up went well we collected many bags of trash and some larger pieces of debris.  There were tons of bottle caps, plastic cigar tips, tampon applicators, and lots of water bottles.  The cigarette butts were not as prevalent this year and haven’t been in the last year.  Maybe banning smoking on public beaches is helping to alleviate that form of trash.  There were a lot of balloon strings everywhere I looked.  Getting tired of collecting balloons and the plastic stringers or ribbons.  People really need to stop using those things.  You would be surprised how many are seen offshore floating on the water.  I was telling a buddy of mine we took some bottle caps and a tampon applicator and made a lure out of them with a treble hook on the back end and used it to catch bluefish.  Granted they will hit anything but those bottle caps can make some great lures.  Still would like to see them less on the beaches.  We made the lure to prove a point that trash can mimic sea life and be consumed by fish.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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