Conquest Beach Access Is Getting Upgraded

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New drive on access at Conquest beach, much wider

Early last week conquest beach access was closed for work.  People have been asking when will the access be open and what are they doing?  It looked like the parking lot was being upgraded and the walk-ons were being fixed.  The drive on area was much wider too when I was down there the other day.  I emailed Scott Figurski with Watershed Stewardship and received this answer.  I originally asked if Soil and Conservation was doing this project.  ” The Division of Soil and Water Conservation was renamed a few years ago and is now the Division of Watershed Stewardship and our beach crew is working on the crossings.  The Conquest parking lot has not been made bigger, the crews pushed sand that had blown into the parking lot past or through the fencing back onto the dune and then new fencing will be installed in the same place the old was located.  We plan to finish Conquest, weather permitting, in the next two weeks, next week being short due to Thanksgiving.  We do not plan on closing Conquest any more unless the sand/dune or wind does not cooperate with us as we are making the improvements.  We then plan to move to Faithful Steward and make improvements there.  If no other priorities come up we would like to work on Key Box after Faithful Steward.  The other pedestrian path at Conquest will be reinstalled as part of this project.  We are going to try to straighten the curves on the vehicle crossings as much as possible to make access easier and safer and make it 30 feet wide so that two vehicles can pass.”  Looks like we will be getting some better access areas.  I was down there today and the air station at Conquest has been turned off while construction occurs.  I do not know exactly when it will be turned back on.  I would use Key Box or Faithful Steward for now to help keep traffic out of their way to allow DNREC to complete this project and so you can easily access air.  Good to hear they will be working on all the access areas.

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