Extended Closure Of Delaware Bay For Recreational Shellfish Harvest

bowers beach, murderkill river, dredging, south bowers beach
Murderkill River inlet at Bowers Beach

DNREC establishes 21-day timeframe for extended closure of Delaware Bay for recreational shellfish harvest after Kent County’s wastewater plant discharge returns to acceptable water quality levels

DOVER (July 26, 2017) – As reported this week to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Surface Water Discharges Section, Kent County’s wastewater treatment plant is back within acceptable water quality levels for the effluent discharged into the Murderkill River – leading DNREC to establish a timeframe for a federally-advised 21-day closure of recreational shellfish harvest in the Delaware Bay north of the Mispillion Inlet.

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The 21-day closure in effect for potential public health risks extends from July 24 to Aug. 14.

The closure of shellfish harvest in the Delaware Bay – ordered July 18 by DNREC Secretary Shawn M. Garvin because of the plant’s discharge of undertreated wastewater – is based on US Food and Drug Administration Guidelines under the National Shellfish Sanitation Program, and provides adequate public health protection for pathogens of concern, including viruses.

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