Air Quality Alert From Jersey Wildfire

There is a wildfire in New Jersey and the smoke is coming across the Delaware Bay earlier and covering Delaware in a haze of blue smoke. The internet went nuts that it was the Canadian wildfires. it is both. However the thick blue haze outside is form Jersey not Canada. The fires in the great white north have been a issue for a couple weeks and are creating some wild sunsets. On occasion we can smell a hint of smoke. Nothing like this morning’s wildfire smoke from Jersey.

Code Orange is low but the air quality right now is not good n Sussex county. Hunter Outten … “Seaford just pinged 225 AQ level 4 … 300+ would be everyone is at major risk of health problems” Hunter reached out to the people in the “know” at NWS Mount Holly …
Good morning Hunter, in follow up to your request, we wanted to provide the following statement regarding smoke affecting portions of Delmarva: Yesterday afternoon there was a fire that broke out in New Jersey’s Bass River State Forest in southern Burlington County. This fire has continued to burn into today and due to persistent northeast winds has resulted in smoke from the fire spreading into portions of Delaware And Maryland’s eastern shore. This has resulted in significantly reduced visibility in places that has also been enhanced at times by marine stratus and mist. Meanwhile, while there may still be some minor impacts today in the mid Atlantic region from the smoke from the Nova Scotia fires, any impacts from these fires will be comparatively insignificant due to the effects being mainly aloft causing a hazy appearance to the sky.
NWS Philadelphia / Mount Holly

If you have health issues due to air quality stay indoors today.

Rich King

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Air Quality Alert

New Castle-Kent DE-Sussex DE-Delaware Beaches-
345 PM EDT Wed May 31 2023


The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental
Control has issued a code orange air quality alert Thursday
for Delaware.

A code orange air quality alert means that air pollution
concentrations within the region may become unhealthy for
sensitive groups. Sensitive groups include children...people
suffering from asthma... heart disease or other lung
diseases...and the elderly. The effects of air pollution can
be minimized by avoiding strenuous activity or exercise outdoors.

For more information on ground-level ozone and fine

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