Explaining Catch And Release

Evan Priovolos with a catch and release striped bass from the surf.
Evan Priovolos with a catch and release striped bass from the surf.

This is probably one of the funniest videos (below) I have seen explaining catch and release.  As futile as it sounds, catch and release is important to help keep a fishery growing.  If you catch and release fish often you know how hard it is to explain why to some people.  I think my favorite is the look on people’s face when you release a huge fish and they freak out about it.  Especially if they aren’t catching anything.  I have seen people cuss others for catch and release.  It is their fish they can do what they want with it.   Roy Miller mentioned this in a thread when we were all discussing the video … “Some native Americans feel that catch and release is just playing with your food. Other native Americans have learned to embrace it as it makes more economic sense, especially to those who guide for a living. This is a hard concept also for those who grew up bottom fishing with bait for saltwater fish. Competitive bass anglers, thanks to Ray Scott in the 1970s, are fanatical about catch and release. I have seen bass pros cry if they accidentally killed a bass in a tournament like the Classic.”  Whether you catch and release is up to you.  You can see the drama created by people’s catches on Facebook daily it is comical to annoying.  Armchair fishery experts stuck at work wishing they were fishing.  However in the case of some fish catch and release is very important or we won’t have anymore, seen any weakfish lately?.  Some say who cares it is just a fish, and others will say you have to let everything go.  The decision is up to the angler, how you explain that to people can be the issue.

Fish On!!

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